Thank you so much for giving a wonderful talk to us today!  I found it so helpful in giving me the tools to be the parent I truly want to be, and I am sure the attendees agree!  You are such an engaging and inspiring speaker!  

Parent S, SF Peninsula 

Lory is a high level coach. Her knowledge and big heart are focused on helping you figure out whatever you are looking for in life. I love to spend time with Lory. I always looked forward to my next session! With Lory I recognized the most important things for me, including making myself happy, practicing what I want from my life, and accepting other people without allowing their behaviors to affect my own. I wish I can keep Lory as my coach forever but she says that I don’t need her anymore!

Lory gathered us for a wonderful, interactive session for our parent group who was looking to better understand how to talk so our kids will listen. She walked us through many new strategies that bolstered our parenting toolkit, while also encouraging us to be confident in what we already know as parents. 

We really enjoyed applying the strategies in action in small groups where we thought through real life scenarios. At the end of the session, we left with a host of concrete ideas and learned that we become more empathetic communicators by taking the time to listen and create space to understand what our children are telling us.


Thank you Lory!

Mom's Group Coordinator, SF Bay Area

Ola, CA

I was stuck, paralyzed and discouraged. I am glad that Lory helped me to reverse that situation. During the coaching process, I was able to notice a new perspective, replace unproductive habits and start planning every week! She is so natural as a coach. She listens deeply and I feel like she knows what she is talking about. It's not just a theory. Her intuition, expertise and practicality are impressive. Now, I have a better understanding of walking into my future step by step with "I want to" instead of "I have to".  I am grateful to Lory for walking with me in that transformation time. I am not alone and she really cares about me. She is honestly interested in my success and that is priceless! 

MW, San Bruno, CA

In a few short months of working with Lory, I have come to understand patterns of behavior and thought that years of therapy had not unearthed. In my conversations with Lory I realized that I have been letting other people take the wheel of my car and drive me off the road (Lory’s metaphor). I come to this metaphor over and over again as I make decisions and think about the future. It is my turn to drive. Thank you Lory for showing me that and for staying with me as I remain in the driver’s seat!  One of Lory’s strengths is that she can meet you where you are and explore the problems you need to explore. I appreciate how Lory challenges me to reevaluate thoughts and beliefs and to reframe them in a way that is empowering. Lory’s intelligence, sincerity, and spirit make her a natural family coach!

Amy, Omaha, NE