• Life Coach Lory

What Is Your Super Power?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Kids in super hero capes
Which one are you?

I am a superhero.

I know. I know. I don’t look like one. But I am. And I have a blanket to prove it.

I borrowed heavily from Wonder Woman’s logo and color scheme (imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, right?). It is the warmest, softest blanket in the house. And it belongs to me - the superhero in the house. It was given to me by a dear friend who, in the days prior to my heart surgery several years ago, gave me a bag of necessities for my recovery. Lotion and inspirational thoughts for each day and other treats, including my now favorite blanket. She looked me in the eyes and said “You are Wonder Woman. You can do anything. You got this.”

I woke up to beeping sounds and hospital staff bustling around. I was helpless, just watching as they got me settled into my ICU room. It is a bit of a blur honestly, but I remember my husband laying that vibrant fuzzy Wonder Woman blanket on top of me. I remember the nursing staff in the following days making sure that I had it with me, protecting me, each night. Those first days were pretty hard. Breathing, moving, attempting to communicate were all painfully difficult. The blanket was always within my reach, and it was a gentle reminder that someone thought I could handle this challenge. That blanket was my strength. Not the blanket itself but the idea behind it. The simple idea that I had the strength of a superhero and that I could recover.

See? I have the super power of overcoming a physical challenge. I am a superhero. And so, I do believe, are you.

Didn’t you always dream about being able to do something extraordinary? Seeing through walls. Flying. Stopping time. Creating fireballs with your bare hands. Those things would be nice, if a bit impractical for the ordinary life. Those traditional superhero attributes that kids love to emulate and wish for stay with us always. We believe they are reserved for the chosen few, who, by some miracle, were granted this extraordinary ability to do something amazing. Their super power is a special gift.

But what about all of the other stuff? I’m talking about the stuff that most of us do. Kindness and compassion. The ability to take words and use them for good. The ability to make a child smile. Deft laundry-folding or seriously mouth-watering baking skills. Perfection with the iron, or with your PowerPoint presentation. Multitasking. Putting people at ease. Dressing for success. Loving your pets. Loving your planet. Being an ally. Voting. A super power is not doing something that no one else can do. It really is nothing more than being the very best at whatever it is that you do. They evolve over time. They come and go. You probably have more than a few. Your super powers are the skills and the tools you use to make your way through this world. Whether you share them or not, they are part of you and worthy of being embraced.

I encourage you to think about what you can do, what you love, what you value, and what really motivates you to act. I encourage you to stop questioning whether or not what you do is amazing and just sit with the belief that it is. Just as I sat with my blanket, finding the strength to get on my feet, realizing for the first time that I had the power to overcome a physical challenge. It was, and continues to be, my super power. And after acknowledging that one power, I found that I have so many more. If I were actually a superhero, the villain wouldn’t stand a chance.

I do love my blanket. Whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather or just not in the mood for whatever the day is trying to hand me, I grab that blanket and wrap it around my neck like a cape. I carry with me the confidence that others had in me to be strong, and the confidence I found when I allowed myself to believe it, too. I feel physically strong. I feel powerful. I only feel marginally silly with a makeshift cape while I’m unloading the dishes.

So - what is your super power? What can you do? What makes you simply amazing? Make a list. Believe in your power. And never underestimate how that simple belief can completely change your outlook, and your outcomes. Believe in how it propels you forward and allows you to fly high. But don’t get any crazy ideas. Leave the real flying to Wonder Woman. She has a plane, remember?