• Life Coach Lory

The Year in Review

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I am not one to skip the celebration

Seems a bit cruel to conduct any sort of review for 2020, right? It was a trying year that fundamentally doesn't need any review in order to confirm that truth. But I persist in my insistence that remembering the year brings some measure of closure and comfort. And it reminds me that even when things were pretty terrible, there was still a whole lot to celebrate and highlight. So I'll celebrate not only my consistency - 52 posts for the year - but also a few that I am particularly proud to have written and shared.

I have learned that my blogging will not be perfect. There will be some weeks that writing is a more tortured process than I would like to admit. And Lord knows there will be typos. It is an imperfect way to communicate, yet the perfect way for you to hear my voice and hopefully learn a little something that helps you along your journey.

Here is the list of my 2020 greatest hits, with links to redirect you. Enjoy them, or enjoy them again. Share them. Thank you so much for reading! See you in 2021!

Gremlins are for Movies explores our personal self-defeating thought patterns that hold us back. We all have a gremlin. This post will help you identify it and work to shut him up.

Who Can You Count On? uses a sturdy tree as a metaphor for how you should be able to depend on yourself above anything else. Maybe it is an analogy? I don't know...just be like a tree.

Be A Work of Art is funny journey of self-exploration that you can take, allowing yourself to be creative about who you are and how you want to show up.

The Magic of What If is the reminder we need when we are stuck.

Build A Better To Do List contains excerpts from a workshop I created a few years ago. It is a collection of my best tips for getting things done.

What Do You Believe? reminds us that we have a choice about what we believe, no matter where that belief started. My grandmother Rachel was the inspiration for this post and too many others to count.

Your Resiliency Toolkit is Here helps us detail what we have, or should have, at our disposal when things get tough. Resiliency is built, not granted.

The Worst Thing was written when the fires here in California chased my dearest friend and her family from their home. It is the reminder that detailing the worst thing might help us cope with the current issue at hand more effectively.

Yes....And is my lessons from an improvisation class I took ages ago. It applies to all forms of communication whether you are an aspiring actor or not.

Gratitude - Find Some is for all seasons, not just the holidays. Review this list of tips for finding, nurturing and sharing gratitude.