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The Year in Review

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

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A look at my 2019 greatest hits

A new year is here and I am already making plans for blogging in 2020. I find it a bit daunting, coming up with new content every single week. There are times when I seriously am staring at my computer typing my name over and over again because I just can't think of anything to write. Despite writer's block, and other pesky distractions, like putting my sewing thread in rainbow order, I was able to create a unique blog posting for 51 weeks of 2019. Yeah me!

This is my opportunity to look back at my year of blogging and highlight the top 10 posts that I'm particularly proud of writing. And this is your opportunity to read posts that likely don't have typos and that I actually liked!!

Choices. We live and die by our choices and they are our own. I have gone back to read this post to remind myself more than once.

Who do you want to be? I love reminding my clients of this one. Be happy. Be proud. Be angry. Be a brat. The options are endless.

Where is the wagon? Just a funny post about trying to get back on track. We all lose sight of it at one point or another. Maybe I'll have more answers for how to find it this year.

Better late or never. Being late to the party, dressed in the wrong clothes with nothing to say because I'm just not hip enough. Some things never change.

Guilty as charged. Being the person who can see the brighter side of just about anything is a skill I'm proud to have in my arsenal.

5 Minute Miracles is all about remembering that we can do so much with just 5 minutes.

Be You was clearly written after I was frustrated with social media nonsense. I don't think social media helps us feel good about ourselves. It is ok to disagree. This post also features a favorite picture of one of my favorite people, my daughter Rachel.

Traveling with kids was my way of being really proud of the way our family trip to Paris proceeded without conflict, a rarity on family vacations. Incorporate these tips on your next family adventure.

Stop keeping score offers a new perspective on keeping your relationships on track.

Celebrating progress is my life. Little things lead to big things so let's learn to celebrate all that we manage to accomplish.

Here's to another year of blogging. I'm looking forward to more focus, fewer typos and an enormous following in 2020. Dream big, right?