• Life Coach Lory

Monday Morning Resolutions

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

calendar showing a new start for a new year
Resolutions aren't just for New Years

I am a serious believer in the power of New Year's Resolutions. My grandma Rachel used to challenge us to come up with things to do for the new year that included something for our body, our mind and our soul. A new year was a chance to start again. To leave the old stuff behind and look forward with a clear mind to a better future. And that better future was created by us, on December 31st, with a written commitment detailing what we were going to do starting the very next day.

My resolutions often included the following:

Lose 1" from my waistline (thick-waistline since the age of 11....its a curse)

Read a book a week

Learn the Presidents in chronological order

Stretch every day

Finish reading War and Peace (started and unfinished 15 years in a row)

Make my bed every morning

Memorize a Chopin sonata

Many years later, nearly ALL of these resolutions that I crafted when I was 18 still apply. Clearly, evidence that making a resolution is completely separate from achieving the desired result, but, I digress.

I really don't believe that the power of the resolution is the result, rather, its the endeavor, and all that you learn along the way. If I really think back, there are few resolutions that I actually achieved. But that never has stopped me from making them. Each day feels complete where there is something that I'm striving for, even if it is only learning that James Monroe was our 6th President. So why do we have to wait until January?

Monday is the perfect opportunity to start a set of resolutions for the week. Little things. Little goals. Little personal updates to reflect upon and reach for. I mean, nothing enormous will happen over the course of a week, but, if we think about how things build upon each other, doing something small, will eventually lead to a larger win down the line. So why NOT make Monday the start of something new?

I am totally old school, with my colorful sticky notes and bullet journal. I sit down on Sunday night with my empty calendar and start filling in what needs to get done. And I leave a page for my goals for the week. Drink 100 ounces of water. Workout 3 times. Call one friend. Stretch. Read each night. I mean, these are not life-changing things by any definition. But doing them each day could end up being life-changing. Strange how that works.

So why not spend a few minutes resolving to try a few things new this week? Write it down. Be specific. Make a pretty little checklist that is just begging for check marks at the end of each successful day. Celebrate the daily victory. Acknowledge the inevitable struggle. And never stop beginning again regardless of the outcome. What else are we doing with our precious days on the planet if we aren't reaching for something? And if you miss your goal, think about why. And how can it be improved upon for next time to give you a greater chance at success?

For me this week: crawl into bed by 10pm. Read for fun each night, even if only for 5 minutes. And work on those Presidents.....James Monroe was our 5th President, not our 6th. Some goals will clearly take longer than others. But that's ok. Next Monday is right around the corner.