• Life Coach Lory

Love What You Have

Girl holding earth
We have the world, and so much more

The year is coming to an end. For me, to be perfectly honest, it can't come soon enough. This year has been all about surviving, instead of thriving. And without delving too much into why I am so relieved to be through with 2018, I want to be clear that I am certain that I am not the only one giving 2018 a huge send off, holding the door open for her inevitable exit from my life for good.

As I was expressing this sentiment with a close friend last week, I realized how ridiculous my rants about this year started to sound. I had a medical issue that consumed much of my thought and activity. But I recovered 100%. I started this coaching practice, that tests my limits on a daily basis as I battle doubt and technical incompetence. But it has launched. I drove my already crazy life off a cliff by volunteering much of my time at my kids' school. But I have broadened my social circle and become a visible and active member of my little community, so no regrets there. But each of these pillars of 2018 have represented challenges that I wasn't always so pleased about and they left me feeling like I missed doing anything this year that I really wanted. What exactly did I want to do instead? I don't even know.

So - why the discontent feelings about 2018? It was lived, and lived productively. I also didn't have any noted tragedy from which to recover, that I know many others can not boast, with this year of wildfires, superstorms, unexpected and unjustified violence, political fallout, and more. I really have not a single thing to complain about. Not one. For I am here. I am healthy. My loved ones are here and healthy. I have the much appreciated roof over my head and food in my belly. I have the basics. I have more than the basics. And 2019, like 2018, will roll in with all of its hope for doing more and being more and living more. And I think I'm going to try something new:

I'm going to love what I have. Plain and simple. I'm going to do the things I need to do and live the life and I want, without any sadness about what I might be missing over there. Or what I might have if only something else were different. Because things can always be different. Things can always be better, if we look for the flaws. I can be thinner and richer and smarter. I can have nicer clothes and a bigger house. I can have better behaved kids who come home each day with a smile on their face. There is always room for improvement. But what there is not room for (or time for) is going through the days waiting for, hoping for, pining for something else. That doesn't mean I won't set goals or work towards something I might desire. It means that while I'm doing that, I'm going to be acknowledging without question or debate all that I already have. And I have a lot. We all do.

It can be so easy to forget, in this world of plenty. But if we stop and enjoy what we have already done, what we create each day by living and doing, then there can't possibly be room for the discontent that plagues our happiness. We already have the world at our fingertips. We already have everything we need to love and be loved. Let's spend the next year reminding ourselves of that. Love what we have. Love yourself. Love that 2019 is another opportunity for us to do that, each and every blessed day that we have the honor of living in the new year.