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I'll Have Seconds, Please!

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A full plate does not have to be something bad

I have a lot on my plate.

My plate is full.

There is just too much on my plate.

I hear this all of the time. Everyone seems to have too much to do and just not enough time. I completely agree. I have PTA duties that never seem to end. I have two different kids with two different eating habits and two different schedules and two different needs, that often collide with my own eating, schedule and needs. I have a husband who works long hours and travels, leaving me to pick up the slack at home, which, for the record, I am more than happy to do. I have meals, cleaning, work, exercise, family calls, outings. I have things I would like to do daily, like sleep more and read more and maybe just stare at the television for one good program. So what are we to do with our full plates?

Some would tell us to delegate more. Ok. That works in some settings, but I can't exactly delegate the bedtime routine to someone else, at least not without being thought of as a terrible mother. Some would say learn to say "no". We could do that. I already do that, but my nature dictates that I actually enjoy saying "yes" and doing a lot. Some might say that a full plate is a sign that we aren't terribly skilled at getting things done. I wholeheartedly disagree here, too. We can get through A LOT of activities and tasks daily and still have more to do at the end of it all, not because we used our time inefficiently but because we just have more to do than hours in the day.

Why can't we start thinking about a full plate as a sign that we are totally awesome people who others seek help from and therefore it is a sign of our awesomeness that our plate is full? People who no one seeks advice from, who no one wants to work with, who no one enjoys spending time with, who no one finds a valuable resource for a project - they are the ones with empty plates. They might even be, dare I say it, bored. But members of The Full Plate Club are moving and shaking! We could embrace our full plate and consider it an honor to have it because it is a sign that we are needed, wanted, willing to work, and ready to lead.

Instead of saying "my plate is too full" let us start by blessing the meal and saying how thankful we are for the opportunity to have so much to do on this otherwise ordinary day. Instead of lamenting how quickly the times flies by, rest easy at night when we remind ourselves that while time was flying, we were taking care of business, for ourselves and those who need us. Instead of putting off the activities we enjoy and that enrich us, waiting for our plate to be less full, just load it up. Add in the stuff that makes life special. After all, if we are already busy, what harm does it do to be busy doing something fabulous? Or not so fabulous, like reading a few pages in that book collecting dust on your nightstand?

Members of The Full Plate Club: Let it be said that full plates are an honor, and an opportunity. Full plates are the proof that you are doing something right. Full plates are what makes life interesting. And if you don't feel that way about what is on your full plate, maybe it is time to adjust what is being served. You ordered it. But that is for another post.