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Guest Blogger - Whitney Walker

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Tarot cards as a way to understand your thoughts
It's all in the cards

As a life coach on the prowl to network and expand my connections, I have the opportunity to connect with an amazing and diverse group of professionals. This is the first in what I hope will be a series of blogs that feature some of the tremendous people that I have had the pleasure to get to know. My nuts and bolts business discussions with the ever insightful Whitney Walker quickly grew into musings about life and inspiration and - yes - tarot cards, too. I was so surprised to learn that Whitney offered tarot readings without the scarf, crystal ball, creepy voice and neon sign on her door. (Biased, much?)

Everything old is still - old. So maybe that general feeling is what led me to open my mind and experience something quite new with a tarot card reading by Whitney. I can't speak specifically about all of the details that came out of my session with Whitney, but I can share that I found it enlightening and powerful. It left me with more questions than answers, and the motivation to ask myself those hard questions so I can get to the answers that are just right for me.

Whitney offers more about herself and her experiences with tarot:

Two years ago, if someone had approached me with the offering of a tarot reading I would have respectfully, and quickly, declined. I’ve never had much interest in fortune telling as I get into enough trouble with my own thoughts without the introduction of a prophecy or prediction. This reluctance, however, was based in a misunderstanding and assumption about tarot and other intuitive practices. The truth is that they are not always claiming to foretell specific events of the future. What they are more so tapping into are potential energies that may be present and available to the specific individual. In the past two years since I became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I’ve opened myself more to non-traditional approaches to healing personal pain, trauma, and resolving core false beliefs. I came to realize that sometimes these things are stored away so deeply in our subconscious that not only can we not access them, we have no idea that they are there. This proves to be problematic as our unhealed hurt is quite often running the show when it comes to our unexplainable behavior, patterns, and fears. I became curious about what allows people, stricken with disorders, addictions, and mental health issues, to get to the source of these wounds so that they might finally be able to heal and soothe some long-felt suffering. I explored various modalities and concepts that attempted to address such emotional injuries. Yet even with this broader approach, I still would never have thought of tarot specifically as a means to do this type of work in any capacity. I’ve always been spiritually inclined yet anything that could be considered in the realm of mysticism seemed questionable in a professional capacity. However, what came to be was that, as so many practitioners of various arts will say, I didn’t choose tarot, tarot chose me.

I had my first tarot reading done about a year ago by a good friend. She had shared with me that she did readings and I thought, “Well that could be fun, I can trust whatever she might share with me.” My friend assured me that there wasn’t anything to fear, tarot doesn’t cast omens, it simply provides guidance, suggestions, insight and clarity. I gave it a try with an open mind and was a huge fan. I loved how she seemed to get such strong messages from the cards, how they played into one another, and the interesting concepts they revealed that resonated so closely with my current reality. My friend began doing a reading for me once a month and I greatly enjoyed them. Come the end of 2019 I found myself at an eclectic New Years party and after the ball dropped, one of the guests pulled out a number of tarot decks and offered readings. I delightfully enquired and looked forward to exploring my potential for the New Year. After my reading (which was oddly accurate, I got the Hermit card for the Spring, go figure) the girl looked at me and said, “This deck doesn’t belong to me anymore, this is yours.” She handed me the Authorian Tarot deck and I looked at her with shock followed by excitement. Could I be a tarot reader? I had never even considered it. I did my first reading that night for another guest and from that day forward I have worked with and studied the cards every day. I now do readings for friends, family, and any other interested parties. My friends started to tell their friends and people began reaching out for their own paid readings. During this time, I was beginning research for starting my own therapy practice. I decided, why not incorporate this as a part of my work? I was beginning to see how inspirational and helpful people were finding my readings to be, maybe I could put it out there for anyone who is looking for some direction and insight into their life situation. As of Mid-August I am self-employed as the owner of a private practice, which as a silver lining of the current situation, I’m able to run completely virtually from my studio apartment. Through my practice I offer therapy, recovery coaching, and spiritual guidance with a side of tarot upon request.

I believe that the magic of tarot lies not within its precognitive abilities, rather in the way it can illuminate and illustrate key themes, obstacles, strengths, and potential within the querant and their situation. It’s actually seamlessly aligned with the traditional therapy approach in that the guiding principle involved is awareness. A therapist’s job isn’t to fix anyone or solve their problems for them. It is to hold a safe and supportive space for an individual and shine a light on noticeable themes, connections, and factors from a vantage point that the client may not be able to see as clearly from their own perspective. Tarot does exactly this yet with a fun and mystical twist. It is often uncanny how appropriate the specific cards are that come up in someone’s reading. Tarot allows people to think from a new angle than they might normally and to explore realms other than what is swirling around in their forebrain. I’ve done tarot for teens and adults, for guests at parties, for people in the midst of relationship and work changes, and others uncomfortable with the current extra layer of uncertainty in life. And what to make of the cosmic aspect of tarot, the eerie accuracies and coincidences? Is it your subconscious coming through? Spirit or angel guides? Or maybe just pure chance combined with meaningful interpretation? I can’t say that I know. I only know that when I do a reading, what comes through never fails to be beautiful and magical in some way. Each reading is incredibly unique and profound in its own way and that I absolutely love doing them. My dream is to do readings for people all around the world, perhaps you might have me do one for you?

Whitney Walker is a licensed marriage and family therapist who offers therapy, recovery coaching, tarot readings and spiritual guidance to all genders, helping them unlock their true potential so they can stand in the light of their full authentic self. Read more about Whitney, the services she provides and her vision for the lives she touches by visiting her website Women Waken.