• Life Coach Lory

Birthday Wishes

Birthday cakes and celebrating with Peninsula Family Coaching
Celebrate, reflect, enjoy - repeat, repeat, repeat

My birthday gift to myself is writing a short blog. Today, June 9th, is my birthday. I'm a proud Gemini. A middle wild child. A believer in what good lies around the next corner. And a big fan of celebrating birthdays however you see fit. No need to party or eat cake if you don't want to. No need to be sung to at the restaurant or showered with gifts, unless you want those things, too. I allow those around me to celebrate my existence and that certainly does feel nice - both the existing and the knowledge that people celebrate it.

Let me count my birthday wishes for this year. Another wonderful year, if only because it was lived. Counting my blessings as I embark on the relatively unknown with this single life that I have to enjoy.

I wish for more good news.

I wish for quiet dinners with candles on the table.

I wish for laughing through books with my son, who finds everything so funny.

I wish for hugs from my daughter, who runs away when I ask for them but finds me always first thing in the morning.

I wish for beating my husband in Scrabble - just once this year.

I wish for late-night conversations with my closest friends, doing nothing but enjoying the time we have together.

I wish for books that keep me up late into the night.

I wish for more sleep once I put those books down.

I wish for car rides with the windows open, seeing Hamilton, and finally getting through more than 2 sad minutes of meditation.

I wish for endless sewing projects.

I wish for more flexibility, physically and mentally.

I wish for less drama with my linen closet.

I wish for more of what I already have and adore, in my family, my home, my travels and my business.

All of the things I wish for are within my reach. Maybe even within my control. I wish for these things and I'm going to spend the year seeking them out, embracing them, and enjoying them until the next birthday rolls around and I can add even more to the list. Happy Birthday to me.