Time is precious.

It is the most precious resource we have.

I remind myself of this every single day.

I survived open heart surgery and as my body began to recover, I realized how much I could have lost, had surgery not gone well. I was horrified that I had spent so much of my life worrying about the small stuff, and scrambling to just live, rather than thrive. My thoughts about what I should do to meet the standards of others. My feelings about my place in this world and my purpose. I started challenging everything I knew about my own life. How I spent my time. How I treated my family. And most importantly, how I treated myself.

This is why I coach. Time is just not going to wait for us to get ourselves together. I believe that we all deserve to live fulfilling lives, but we have to get out of our own way in order to do it. We have to explore our thinking to find the root cause of our negative feelings and limiting beliefs. We have to stop making excuses for our own behaviors. And we have to commit ourselves to change. As your coach, I give you the tools you need to do all of this and so much more. 

I spent much of my career as a social worker. I was also a personal fitness trainer, a college professor, and a musical theater costume designer. But I am also a parent, a spouse, a community member and a friend. And I’m only getting started because coaching is my latest journey. I use all my experiences to get curious and super-creative about how to tackle life’s challenges and help my clients find a better way forward.


While I call the San Francisco Bay Area home, I work with people from everywhere - on their terms, via video conferencing, telephone chats, neighborhood walks or laundry-folding talks. I will meet you where you are - emotionally and physically - so that we can get to work on the important stuff...together.   

Stop wasting time. Your best life can't wait. 

How can coaching help YOU?

As a result of working with me as a life coach, my clients recognize how they are getting in their own way. They rethink their thoughts and behaviors. They are confident and prepared to take control of every aspect of their personal and professional lives. They are inspired to change their approach to life, leaving them less stressed, motivated and willing to take action to reach their goals. They stop making excuses and they put themselves to work. Are you ready?

Green Leaves

How does coaching work?

Coaching is client-focused, therapeutic, strengths-based and action-oriented. Services are personal and comprehensive, as you are guided through the process of reflection, education, problem-solving, skill-building and eventual change.

Remember - you get to decide. You get to decide the person you want to be. And you get to decide what kind of life you lead. Find your best self, revealing a more confident, happy and empowered you.


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What next?

We'll start with a free mini session which serves as our opportunity to see if we work well together. It is your chance to ask me anything about my services, my expectations and my approach. We will discuss your goals, the obstacles before you and how I can help you be the best version of you that you can imagine.  You are worth the effort!


Relieve stress. Reach your goals. Change your life.
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